Aptitude Tests

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Problem Solving Tests

The Problem-Solving test series is designed to assess how quickly and accurately an individual can solve new problems. It contains a series of questions that cover both numerical and verbal problems.

The verbal questions include:

Where the participant chooses which word from a group of five has the opposite meaning to a given word.
Deviation from category
Where the participant must decide which one of five words has a different meaning from the others.
Pairs of concepts
Where the participant has to decide whether two words have the same meaning, the opposite meaning, or neither the same nor the opposite meaning.
Verbal analogy
Where the participant has to decide whether the underlying meaning or idea in two statements is the same, the opposite, or neither the same nor the opposite.
Logical reasoning
Where the participant is shown three statements and is asked to decide whether the logic is correct, incorrect, or not possible to deduce.

The numerical problems cover:

Series of numbers
Where the participant has to complete a series of numbers by determining the underlying rule that connects the construction of the series.
Simple calculations
Where the participant has to make simple calculations.
Complex calculations
Where the participant has to make complex calculations.

Reasoning for Business (RFB)

Ability tests have a long and established reputation for reliably predicting job performance. The Cubiks Reasoning for Business (RfB) ability test series includes assessments that help evaluate the numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning of candidates or employees. The Cubiks RfB test series provides insight for the selection and progression decisions and offers candidates a challenging and credible assessment experience. There are three tests in the RfB series:
The assessments were designed for two key levels of application: Managerial and Graduate and Business Support. At both levels, the RfB suite includes supervised and unsupervised versions and assessments are available in multiple languages.

The Logiks series are online item-banked tests that rigorously assess an individual’s ability to solve verbal, numerical and abstract problems. Working through targeted online tests, Logiks evaluates the cognitive ability of the participant, offering crucial insight for sifting and selection decisions. Some of the key functions that can be performed with Logiks include:

  • Relying on the item bank behind Logiks to reduce the risk of candidates knowing the content.
  • Deploy an unsupervised test early in the selection process to save time and resources.
  • Easily send invitations, monitor responses and create reports with Cubiks Online, our secure online administration platform.
  • Generate practical reports that detail participants’ speed, accuracy and overall score.
  • Seek benefit from expert guidance and support from our team of psychologists and in-house IT specialists.

Logiks comprises two kinds of tests:

  • Logiks General, which is a quick online test that accurately measures an individual’s general cognitive ability. Based on a substantial item bank, this 12-minute assessment measures a participant’s ability to solve verbal, numerical and abstract problems. To allow participants to demonstrate their full ability, the questions increase in difficulty over the course of the test.
  • Logiks Advanced, Logiks Advanced, which are specifically developed for participants at a managerial and graduate level, exploring their ability to read, interpret and apply information. Available in two versions; Numerical and Verbal, the Logiks Advanced tests comprehensively assess an individual’s cognitive ability in just 25 minutes.