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Quadrangle Consulting is always looking out for people who are smart, intelligent, entrepreneurial and energetic. If you would like to apply to join a position at Quadrangle Consulting, please send us an email with your introduction and profile to

What do we expect?

Quadrangle Consultants requires candidates who are well-read, well-dressed and have good communication skills, both, verbal and written. Candidates should be willing to travel, persevere, multitask and pick up skills that they may not already have, or may not fall within their comfort zone. Candidates should be proficient in Microsoft Office, have a basic understanding of behavioural statistics, psychometrics and assessment methodologies. As a team, Quadrangle Consulting shares a passion for books, travel and history, and values integrity, using it as a basic criterion to screen out applications. Consultants are not offered defined role descriptions and are thus expected to be flexible. As entrepreneurs, all business and client related activities are expected to be owned and delivered by all consultants on the team.

If you work with Quadrangle Consulting, you are likely to deal with several different client assignments that cover a complete range of Human Resource Consulting areas. You will get the space and opportunity to explore your creativity and develop custom solutions. Quadrangle Consulting has a work approach that will allow you to engage deeply with the client businesses, enabling you to apply Human Resources Consulting to business imperatives.