Master Classes

“The time has come”, the Walrus said,
"To talk of other things:
Of shoes and ships and sealing wax
Of cabbages and kings
And why the sea is boiling hot
And whether pigs have wings
Calloo! Callay!
No work today!
We're cabbages and king”

Lunch & Learn sessions for the intellectually excitable

Master Classes bring your back to school and help you build your conceptual base on new theories, constructs and tools that are shaping HR practices today.

Master Class Formats

Retail: Get back to the drawing board, put back your thinking cap! Learn about new concepts and theories that can transform the way You manage talent. Gain from the experience, questions and interactions of a diverse group. Invest in your skill pool by registering for a package of 3 classes and get your 1st Master Class FREE.

Corporate: Invest in building capabilities of your HR teams. Take them back to the classroom and help them re-live the joys of learning. Choose from our list of contemporary topics or send us a list of concepts that you want to explore. Corporate programs allow you to learn together, apply concept to the realities of your business and to discuss your most important talent priorities

The 5-point DNA: Genetics Resolved

Understand the underlying behavior that defines “Drive to Achieve”; “Learning Agility”; “Innovation” etc. – attributes that we seek to Attract, Retain and Nurture in our workplace. Master what the theory says and learn how to elicit, spot and interpret these behaviors in an Interview and in your team. This master class is supported by a research paper and an interview tool kit.

Mastering the Career Dialogue

Donald Super contributed greatly to studies on Career Development. His “Theory of Career Stages” included path breaking Insights that can predict how people will respond to career options and organizational shifts. Enrich Career Dialogues by mastering his validated and reliable conversational technique and preempt your team’s responses to growth and retention strategies. This master class is supported by research papers and a career stage tool.


Specially designed for leaders who choose psychometric tools basis price! learn the theoretical constructs behind the 13 most successful commercial personality inventories in use today. Compare, contrast and find the best fit for your organizational need ( & budget). The class is supported by a “tool directory” that makes an excellent ready reckoner for tool evaluation

Narrative Analysis

This Master Class enables one to discover the power of Life Stories and their little known relevance to assessments. Learn to use the NARRATIVE technique of interviewing to get to the depths of human behaviour. Enhance the predictability of interview assessment. Move away from the STAR, SMART and BEI for a change! Explore this new powerful technique to elicit, code and rate behaviour .