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Offering key information about a person’s behaviour and conduct at work, Personality Assessments are exceptionally useful in helping employers assess if an individual has the requisite qualities to be successful in a role, a team, or a business culture. Our globally recognized personal assessment tools – PAPI 3 ® & CIPQ ® are widely used by clients to understand talent. The assessments are available with an extensive range of supporting reports and interview guides that are tailored according to each participant's personality profile and can be tailored to work alongside specific client competency frameworks.

Based on the world renowned Theory of Emotional Needs by Henry Murray, PAPI 3 (Personality And Preference Inventory) is a leading work-related personality assessment that is used by HR professionals and line managers in order to evaluate the behaviour and preferred work styles of individuals operating at all levels in an organization.

Insight Matters

Through interactive online questionnaires, PAPI 3 looks at the drivers and working styles of participants. It provides targeted, in-depth information about their preferences and typical behaviour at work. PAPI 3 generates instant and concise reports to expedite recruitment decisions and conduct structured development conversations.

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CIPQ (Cubiks In-depth Personality Questionnaire) is a normative self-report questionnaire that is designed to assess the underlying aspects of an individual’s personality.

Inspired by the work of Professor Raymond Cattell, CIPQ covers 17 personality areas, which have been grouped to cover the recognised ‘Big Five’ personality dimensions.

CIPQ provides organisations with useful insights into an individual's:

  • Typical behaviour
  • Strengths
  • Development needs
  • An understanding of how they deal with stressful situations.

It plays a complimentary role when used in conjunction with work-specific personality measures such as PAPI. It also offers sophisticated supporting reports to provide a full interpretation of the respondent’s profile. The reports are as follows:

  • CIPQ Scale and Factor Profile
  • CIPQ Group Profile
  • CIPQ Respondent Feedback Report (Standard and Extended versions)
  • CIPQ Manager / Recruiter Report (Standard and Extended versions)