Our Research

Quadrangle Consulting is passionate about bringing concepts from psychology to create a higher appreciation of human behaviour at the work place. The behavioural research services at Quadrangle Consulting help clients understand important motivators of performance, career behaviour and retention. We actively transform research outcomes into assessment tools, predictive recruitment processes, customised talent management strategies and high impact career support services. Clients from across industries have benefited from the research conducted by Quadrangle Consulting. We deploy comprehensive research methods that seamlessly marry qualitative and quantitative research tools from behavioural sciences.

Through research we unearth drivers and patterns that are rooted in demographic, socio-graphic and cultural value systems to which people belong. We look beyond competencies and skill sets to create more predictive yardsticks for assessment.

We have delivered extensive research to a wide range of clients. Some of our work involves:

  • Identifying high retention profiles in high impact/high volume roles
  • Identifying unique characteristics that differentiate high potential talent from high performers
  • Mapping career drivers and motivators for mid-level managers
  • Studying career mindsets and decision-making of management graduates
  • Validating Donald Super’s career stages
  • Creating predictive validity of high potential programs with actual job success
  • Uncovering the construct of “creativity” and its applications in day to day work

White Papers

White paper 1 :

Title : Career decision making mid managers –attitude towards career growth

Based on Donald Super model of Career Decision Making, the research explores career goals , life-career role identity , career decision making , career attitudes of mid managers . The report helps understand responses to career opportunities and explains important factors that determine career engagement /disengagement .The research report is supported by a 4 hour master class on the construct of career maturity, a career stage assessment tools , 1.5 days of career conversation skill development program.


White paper 2 :

Title : The 5 STAR DNA

Review our research around constructs that dominate all talent dialogues today. The 5 STAR DNA dwells deep into the meanings, behavioural manifestations and assessment of Drive to Achieve, Learning Agility , Divergent Thinking , Dealing with Ambiguity , Intellectual Capacity . The report provides clarity on these complex yet widely used assessment parameters . The report is supported by a 4 hour master class or a 1.5 day intensive skill session to equip your managers to make meaningful assessments using the interview.


White paper 3 :

Tittle : A study of career maturity in management graduates

This research report provides insights into the minds of our country’s most sought after talent. Based on over 150 extensive career dialogues , the report highlights the career mindsets and career decision making maturity of participants and provided important insights into factors that can directly impact their retention. The report provides meaningful pointers to factors that must be considered during campus recruitment , induction, management training programs  and initial years career management .