Talent Indicator

The Talent Indicator is an online feedback questionnaire that is put to use by employers for the evaluation of potential, and to discover where talent lies in their workforce. Following extensive research based on data from clients all over the world, Cubiks have identified six key dimensions that are indicative of high potential.

By collating the opinions of reviewers senior to the participant on how far they display these characteristics, Talent Indicator produces an overall ‘talent score’ for the individual. The test helps by:

  • Focusing on key dimensions critical to determining potential.
  • Efficiently scanning your organization for talent.
  • Gaining a thorough overview and improving objectivity by combining multiple anonymous perspectives.
  • Relying on a consistent, transparent assessment process.
  • Providing staff with useful feedback reports highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement.

With simple online administration, this versatile tool can be used alongside your existing assessment and talent management practices or integrated into a development centre programme.

  • Reliable and valid questionnaire
  • Rank talent on their “potential” to succeed
  • Develop your internal talent benchmark
  • Spot opportunities for development