What we do

We strive to create meaningful assessments that help clients build sustainable talent pipelines.

We cover a wide range of talent centric interventions but our keen interest lies in:

Working with sales organizations

With sales we experience a faster ROI and get clear visibility into how our interventions are impacting productivity and business. We have experience of working with B2B, B2C sales teams across a wide cross section of industries. Our intervention covers the complete spectrum, usually beginning from creation of sales success factors (behavioral, functional and technical)
We create bespoke assessment programs that our clients use for recruiting, promoting and developing talent for front line, area, region and corporate sales roles. Our appreciation of the sales process, market conditions, customer profiles, sales cycles of the client industry help create highly relevant and predictive outcomes. We are often engaged by clients to develop reward programs that align organizational goal with individual motivators.

  • Behavioural, functional and technical success factors
  • Predictive functional assessment for recruitment, development and potential identification
  • Sales rewards and incentives

Strategizing and implementing a high potential program

HIPP & HIPPER identification is the most commonly listed strategic HR agenda for organizations today. Our solutions put “talent” in the center of this strategy by helping clients segment employee populations in scientific ways. Segmentation approaches that we deploy are comprehensive, taking into account performance, potential, individual aspirations, psychological career engagement, criticality of skill sets, personal and life space expectation of the individual etc. We recognize that career engagement and ownership varies across individuals and help clients account for these as they personalize talent journeys and development programs. Our interest is in creating 12-18 month associations that help clients implement a comprehensive development strategy with active focus on individual career coaching and behavioral transformation.

Organizational change management

Change in business strategy is often overwhelming for people. We try and answer the following questions when our clients undergo change:

  • What organizational structure do we need to deliver the changed business strategy?
  • What happens to the impacted roles? How do these transition to the new thrust area? How does this shift impact talent? What are the new skills, technologies, exposure that people will need to deliver in new roles?
  • How do we communicate the changes in business strategy, functional thrust and individual roles?
  • Are the impacted people ready for change?
  • How will we measure the success of the new structure and new roles?

Organizational Constitution

We partner with clients to delivery organisational effectiveness by impacting its 3 most important pillars – Structure & roles, People and Rewards. We prepare organisations to meet their business goals by creating enabling structures, goals and roles. We define behavioural and functional capabilities that people at all levels need to deliver on the organisational vision. Our reward programs create a value proposition for high performance. We prefer long term engagements to help customers measure success once these enablers are in place. The most common next steps to such projects are assessment and development programs that create sustained talent capability.

Decoding Human Behaviour

Mid Career Freeze
We use an integrated model of career development proposed by Donald Super to understand the psychological stages of career maturity and expectations. Outcomes help people and organization tailor career paths and manage talent pipelines.
Psychological Profiling
We use a focused range of personality and projective techniques to uncover the depths of human behaviour and emotions. The psychological profiling helps understand reactions to stress, work relationships and situations of integrity.
Success & Retention profiles
Retention and engagement is often a function of demographic and socio-graphic factors. We use quantitative and qualitative research methods to establish profiles that are well rounded and predictive. Outcomes impact talent sourcing considerably.